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Cobalt Resources Ltd., which emerged in 2008 as part of the Frost Group, initially focused on placer mining in Atlin, BC. Following a successful venture in mining, Cobalt Resources swiftly evolved into a highly efficient heavy civil construction company, specializing in projects within the mining, oil and gas, and heavy construction sectors.

At Cobalt Resources Ltd., our core expertise lies in undertaking expansive infrastructure projects encompassing the construction of roads, bridges, dams, and various other civil engineering structures. These endeavors demand considerable resources, advanced technical proficiency, and meticulous coordination. To ensure the successful execution of such projects, Cobalt Resources boasts a diverse team of skilled professionals, including project managers, engineers, construction supervisors, equipment operators, and laborers, all working in unison to deliver exceptional results.

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Bridge Building

Using a skilled team of engineers, project managers and equipment operators, Cobalt Resources completed numerous Bridge Construction projects across Northern British Columbia


Cobalt Resources possess advanced technical knowledge to carry out earthworks and resource extraction projects throughout British Columbia.

Oil and Gas

Cobalt Resources has industry leading experience in the pipeline industry, through professional expertise and community involvement.

Road Building

Cobalt Resources has undertaken expansive infrastructure projects encompassing the construction of roadways.

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