Our Commitment

Engaging in The Community

Working with respect and commitment for our indigenous partners. We learn from their culture and wisdom, and strive for advancement together. We believe that partnering with First Nations communities is imperative for reconciliation and development in northern BC.


We pledge to invest in the communities we work with by backing local projects and activities, and enhancing positive effects to the communities we operate in.


We will foster and sustain respectful and strong bonds with the people, Nations, and communities we collaborate with. Our partnerships are based on honesty, responsibility, and openness.


We aim to include Indigenous people in every part of our business. We will collaborate with communities and Nations to develop their skills, offer training opportunities, and employ their members.

Economic Growth

We will cooperate with local communities to create value and benefits from natural resource opportunities through fair and clear business relationships. We will promote growth in ways that are both secure and sustainable.

Frost partnered with the Halfway River First Nation in 2016. This partnership has worked on the Site C project and several civil projects in the Fort St John area. Halfway River Frost also has a Master Services Agreement with Conocco Phillips, and has dedicated equipment in the Northeast.
NWF Resources LP is a partnership between Frost and the Nadleh Whut’en First Nation. This partnership was created in 2014 to take advantage of opportunities with the Pacific Trails Pipeline Project. This partnership has now participated on several major projects in oil and gas and mining.
Frost Natanlii LP is a partnership between Frost Group and the Skin Tyee First Nation. Frost Group and Skin Tyee
have been working together since 2015 to carry out forestry, road
building, civil and related works in the region surrounding Burns Lake.