Site C Halfway River Drainage

Date: August 2020 – March 2021

Client: BC Hydro

The clearing of the Halfway River reservoir was necessary to create the requisite storage capacity to support the Site C hydroelectric dam. Clearing the Reservoir required a network of roadways and bridges capable of supplying heavy-duty equipment access to the river.
The Site C Reservoir clearing project was completed by Halfway River Frost LP, which is a partnership between Frost Group and Halfway River First Nation.

The project involved the construction of a mainline causeway, installation of major bridge crossings on the Halfway River, harvesting and transport of timber, mulching of vegetation, helicopter logging, and the raking and piling of waste logs. The partnership between Frost Group and Halfway River First Nation was critical to the success of the project, with the community playing an important role in providing local knowledge and guidance throughout the project.

To complete the project, Halfway River Frost LP utilized state-of-the-art equipment and best management practices for timber harvesting, waste management, and erosion control. Throughout the project, the partnership maintained a commitment to environmental sustainability and stewardship, ensuring that the natural resources in the project area were protected and preserved for future generations.