TC Energy Project – CGL Section 5

Date: August 2023 – Ongoing

Client: TC Energy

Work is being completed by a partnership between NWF Resources LP and Macro from TC Energy. This includes the provision of equipment, operators and labour for various scopes along the Right of Way under the Nadleh-Macro JV. In addition to Frost equipment, we have additional MoU’s with other contractors that provide different disciplines. This includes GYA fuel, Surespan, Tunnelling Company, Pacific Glacier and Allnorth.
The duration of this work is projected to continue until end of Q4 2023.

Frost Group was contracted to complete the Little Rock Lake Lodge civil construction project. This included civil works for the camp pad and parking lot, as well as installation of water, sewer and other infrastructure. As well, Frost Group completed upgrades to the parking and lay-down areas.
This Project was completed in Q3 2020.

Frost Group was awarded 45 km of right of way clearing in CGL Section 5. The majority of this section was mulched,with some harvesting on the western side. Ancillary site preparation, grubbing (stump removal), and some basic road work was carried out in addition to the right of way clearing.
This Project was completed in Q1 2020.