Artemis Blackwater Mine Powerline

Frost Group has been awarded (under Endako Tsay) 142 km of ROW clearing, earthworks and bridges for the Blackwater Mine (Artemis Gold Inc.) powerline project. The powerline will run from the power source at the Endako substation to the Blackwater Mine site.

Early works for the project will begin in March or April of 2023, with the bulk of the work completed in the following 12 to 14 months.

PROJECT SIZE: $17 million (estimated)
DURATION: March 2023 – Ongoing

Driving progress, our team leads the charge on the Artemis Blackwater Mine Powerline project, spanning 142 kilometers. With precise planning, we’re igniting seamless power transmission, starting in the months ahead. Join us as we pave the way to a brighter, more connected future.

Frost Lake’s pivotal role in the Artemis Blackwater project epitomizes our commitment to precision and progress, as we navigate rugged landscapes and engineer pathways for sustainable energy delivery.

Taking innovation to new heights, our project incorporates cutting-edge heli-logging techniques for efficient timber extraction. With helicopters strategically navigating rugged terrain, we’re revolutionizing logging practices while minimizing environmental impact. Join us as we soar above traditional methods and cultivate sustainable solutions for resource extraction.