At Frost Group, safety is ingrained in our culture and is an integral part of who we are. Safety is a core value of the Frost Group because we want to protect our most important asset: our people. Frost Group has developed its internal safety program over the last 32 years with a key belief that all accidents and injuries are preventable. Frost Group continually exceeds industry safety standards and maintains a large employer Certificate of Recognition from WorkSafeBC. 

Our comprehensive safety program includes a GPS monitored journey management program, daily safety meetings, field level hazard assessments, and worker competency verifications. Our company uses a digital tracking system to ensure that all workers have valid certifications as required by each project. Dedicated safety resources, including onsite safety officers, are assigned to each project.

At Frost Group, we promote a culture of cooperation
with our employees to ensure they are safe both on
and off the job.

Frost Group has been able to participate in the
previously listed projects because of our exemplary
safety record. We are connected to multiple clients in
ISNetworld and ComplyWorks and maintain positive
ratings to be considered eligible as a Prime Contractor
for major projects in both Construction and the Oil
and Gas industries.

Frost Group ensures that all employees retain their
necessary training certifications and provide
specialized training opportunities that are unique to
each project. Frost Group employs a Swiftwater
Rescue team, Mine Rescue team, Occupational First
Aid level 3 attendants and maintains three